If any of these symptoms worsen or persist, then you must contact your doctor at once. Severe allergic reactions to Flagyl are unlikely, but can include the usual reactions, like: rash, itching, swelling, laboured breathing, or severe dizziness. However, most people who are being treated with Flagyl, do not experience severe side effects. Hydrogen peroxide kills the main culprit of yeast infections which is Candida Albicans. Believe it or not your vagina actually has chemicals in it that produce hydrogen peroxide naturally, so this will not harm your body or your chemical composition. Hydrogen can be purchased at just about any local supermarket or pharmacy. In extreme cases systemic Candidiasis can even be fatal.

For treatment of Trichomoniasis, pregnant patients are not given the drug in the first trimester, while for those for whom an alternative treatment has not yielded good results, the 1-day therapy cannot be given as it causes abnormally high serum levels that can affect the circulation in their fetus, for Metronidazole is known to cross the placental barrier. Dosage regimen for women and men having Trichomoniasis is based on the medical condition of the patient. Discovering how to treat a yeast infection isn’t always as easy as you might think. There are so many different products and prescriptions available that don’t work, that it can be difficult to find yeast infection treatment that does work.

Prescription medicines: Prescription medicines work for most people most of the time. The term, rather, is “conventional” solutions. If nothing else, becoming familiar with all the possibilities makes you more informed when you discuss with your doctor what choices you are making and why you’re making them. First, the good news: The good thing about conventional medications is that they’re generally clean, fast, and convenient. If you do not treat a yeast infection properly it may very dangerous. Some companies offer over-the-counter oral drugs which they promise will bring a end to your yeast infections but in reality can make the infection worse or only appear to go away. Although some products may temporarily cover the symptoms, most oral pills do not destroy the infection at it’s source.

It is needed by our bodies to keep other unhealthy bacteria in check. Candida itself is normally kept under control by friendly pre-biotic bacteria and while there is a normal, correct balance of these bacteria in our bodies everything is fine and no yeast related infections should occur. Unfortunately, there are a number of situations that can happen to all of us from time to time which can disrupt the natural internal balance and allow the Candida to multiply out of control. If taken with Phenytoin, Flagyl is capable of increasing blood levels that will have to be monitored.

Also, the genital region provide an ideal breeding ground for yeasts to grow and multiply. What is the Best Remedy for Yeast infection? This is considered an anti viral medicine which can be used not only for genital herpes but also for treating cold sores, chicken pox, and shingles. Acyclovir acts by inhibiting such enzymes thereby stopping growth of the herpes virus. The body has a defense system which combats the herpes virus but with the aid of acyclovir, the multiplication of the virus is stopped more quickly. Common side effects include blistering, burning sensations, fluid retention, hives, increased itching (Just What You Need!), peeling, stinging, and swelling. In Summary: The biggest drawback to these conventional medications is that they may be treating your symptoms instead of your problem.